船 & 海岸环境 Spring 2016时事通讯bob手机版登入,活动,效率奖 & Drupa 2016

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船 & 海岸环境 Spring 2016时事通讯
bob手机版登入、活动、效率奖 & Drupa 2016


We recently received this award for a project in Illinois that paid our customer a rebate of $250,000 (250,000热天然气,每热1美元). This significant incentive helped them to expand and update their manufacturing capabilities and get them into compliance with air quality 监管s.
一切都始于对船的一个呼叫 & 海岸环境 and the desire to improve their operations energy efficiency and competitive edge.
通过给S打一个简短的电话&SE team member we can begin to assess if your next project is eligible for similar programs that can assist with new equipment acquisition, emission control compliance and/or energy efficiency equipment upgrades and retrofits.


bob登陆电脑版下周会在DRUPA 2016上见到你吗?

Call or email us to set up a confidential meeting with a member of our team for innovative air pollution and energy recovery solutions.

We specialize in emission control for the 打印ing industry and look forward to meeting you while we are in 德国 for this highly anticipated event!

致电(562)997-0233或电邮至 点击这里

Drupa多维数据集 只是其中的一个令人兴奋吗, 在即将到来的Drupa 2016会议上的创新体验, 世界领先的印刷品和跨媒体贸易展览会, 将在杜塞尔多夫, 德国, 5月31日至6月10.
S&SE首席执行官, Annosheh Oskouian, 特别是Drupa多维数据集的一部分, an innovative think tank featuring “on-demand” coaching led by Oskouian and several other experienced leaders in the industry. Drupa多维数据集由美第奇集团组织和运营. Drupa 2016的六个突出主题包括多渠道, 打印, 功能印刷, 3 d打印技术, 包装生产与绿色印刷.
作为BACT的创始成员,船 & 岸上的首席执行官 & 总统Anoosheh米. Oskouian has been participating in recent South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)  committee meetings regarding proposed changes to the  Best Available Control Technology (BACT) Guidelines.
提议的修订集中在两个方面,梅杰 & 次要源指南以及一些管理更改. Primarily the changes are aimed towards aligning the BACT Guidelines with current rules. At this time they do not include any emission limits that go above and beyond current SCAQMD rules.
审阅有关拟议更改的文件 点击这里
如果你有什么顾虑的话, would like to know more about specific BACT rules and how they may affect your business, 或者只是需要一点专家建议, 请打电话给船 & 海岸环境(562)997-0233.


Anoosheh Oskouian、船舶 & Shore总裁兼首席执行官,采访了制造业.net in an exclusive interview about how capturing emissions benefits manufacturers
2016年4月发行的flexo IQ 2016
Experience has shown energy recovery assessments can go a long way in helping any company that has heat from fugitive VOC emissions waste being lost to the atmosphere.
最近问 & A带PFFC纸膜 & 箔转换器
经验说年代&SE首席执行官Anoosheh Oskouian…
人是企业成功的关键. 我喜欢bob登陆电脑版所有人为了同一个目标一起工作的想法, seeing the results of our work and the impact on the environment by providing environmental solutions to manufacturers.

帮助制造商适应 & 获得竞争优势:

Environmental 监管s have often been blamed for driving up the cost of operations, 失业,在某些情况下摧毁工业.  There is another side of the story and a study that shows the industries and manufacturers that adapt to these 监管s actually gain the competitive edge over time through innovation rather than stagnation.
Strong statements are now being made by the facts found in studies that show environmental 监管s and solutions may actually be supporting the manufacturing industry…
“环境法影响创新的方式有点简单. When a government introduces an environmental policy like the Clean Power Plan that places strict emissions standards, 该行业必须弄清楚如何遵守. Green policies create “incentives to be more efficient or to develop technologies to reach those standards,“约书亚P. Meltzer, 布鲁金斯学会全球经济与发展高级研究员, 告诉ThinkProgress. 一旦发生这种情况, 他说, the firm or industry often becomes more efficient and gets ahead of competitors.”



In remembrance of the many veterans who gave their lives protecting our freedom and the freedom of others, bob登陆电脑版谨表示衷心的感谢. We also wish to thank all the veterans who have served and continue to serve our country.

船 & 海岸环境公司. is your complete source for industrial 空气污染控制 as well as heat and energy recovery systems.  We are a global company and serve a variety of industries throughout the US, 加拿大, 亚洲 & South America offering extensive engineering expertise and a full suite of innovative industrial environmental products and services.  Acting as an engineering partner we collect and analyze the necessary data to help manufacturers make cost effective decisions on oxidizer and clean tech equipment selections, 升级过程, 修改和在许多情况下可能的效用回扣或激励. It is our goal to maximize our clients’ competitive edge by improving overall performance and profitability while lowering emissions, 消耗和运营成本. 浏览WWW了解详情.SHIPANDSHORE.COM
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