Some environmental agencies and air permits require accurate documentation of oxidizer service and maintenance records as well as having the necessary spare parts on hand.

S&SE can consult and provide a checklist of recommended spare parts with most oxidizer systems on the market. As a valued aftermarket service we also have trained technicians available on-site to troubleshoot potential failures and recommend the necessary part or spare parts to make repairs as quickly as possible and prevent costly downtime.

S&SE recommended critical spare parts to prevent
down time and meet compliance regulations.

  • Please call and speak with an S&SE on site trained technician to identify the right parts for your make and model of oxidizer.
  • You can also download the spare parts order form to the right for reference  ordering.


1 火焰维护
1 紫外扫描
1包 图表记录仪纸
1 电源(24 v)
1 电动机起动器/接触器

(燃烧鼓风机/ 5 HP)

3 领域继电器
1 DPDT继电器
1 主控制继电器
1 指示开关

( Gas Solenoid Closed Position)

1 高压开关
1 燃烧器火花塞
1 致动器电动机(Mod. 汽车4 - 20毫安)
1 Air bob手机版登入ure Switch ( Main Blower)
1 Air bob手机版登入ure Switch ( Combustion Blower)
3 Thermocouple element (INCONEL) 36”
2 热电偶元件24”
1 近距离传感器
2 舌簧开关
1 Particulate Filter (Compressed Air)
1 过滤器(监管机构)
1 Inline Compressed Air Filter Element
1 电磁阀(主阀)
1 电磁阀
2 Speed Control Muffler/Silencer (Air Cylinder)
2 Quick Relief Valve (Air Cylinder)
1 气缸
1盒 面板灯
4 提升阀密封
3管 高温硅酮密封胶

(Required for Poppet Valve Seal Installation)

1 电动机起动器/接触器

(燃烧鼓风机/ 5 HP)

N/A 电动机起动器/接触器

(*Main Blower – if unit does not have VFD)

滤镜(4 " x 24 " x 24 ")


As we approach the completion of our latest project with 船 & 海岸, I wanted to express my sincere appreciation to you and your entire organization for another job well done. 从工程, 来制造, 交付和安装, along with the technical support provided throughout the project, your team excelled in all areas.

Vice President, Foam Fabricators