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船 & 海岸环境公司. Launches Energy Saving Assistance Program for Plastic Manufacturers

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船 & 海岸环境公司. Launches Energy Saving Assistance Program for Plastic Manufacturers

S&SE Technology facilitates the Safe and Responsible Manufacturing of Plastics

2018年5月1日,加州长滩 船 & 海岸环境公司.,领先的U.S. pollution abatement firm, announced today that is has launched a limited time 能源效率计划 塑料制造商. 该计划包括免费船 & 支持工程师ing assistance with incentive/rebate program applications in order to encourage 塑料制造商 to produce their products responsibly, 有效地, 同时有效改善环境质量.

船 & 海岸环境公司.

“The overall perception of plastics as toxic, harmful, and replaceable is nothing new; however, 船 & 海岸环境 knows that plastics are essential and useful when handled properly. There are utility companies that will reward rebates and incentives to those who implement and incorporate energy-efficient solutions into their processes,Anoosheh Oskouian说, 首席执行官的船 & 海岸环境, “We want companies in the plastics industry to know that there is a way to keep their processes clean, environmentally conscious, and efficient. Our team knows that incentive/rebate applications take meticulous amounts of time, 规划, 以及一些人无法承受的努力. 这 is why we decided to launch complimentary incentive application assistance as part of our 能源效率计划

“The focus is to minimize harmful environmental impacts during the production phase of plastic manufacturing processes so that everyone can benefit. 这是船的位置 & 海岸的清洁技术介入了。”船首席运营官Anu Vij补充道 & 海岸环境.

船 & 海岸 再生热氧化剂 (RTOs) are specifically designed to operate in self-sustaining mode. These systems help companies increase energy and operational efficiency, reduces the harmful effects of plastic process emissions in a safe and controlled environment, 并使总效用消耗最小化. 以及由船舶提供的奖励/退税申请协助 & 支持工程师, the company is also offering a complimentary energy efficiency assessment for overall plant optimization. 这 能源效率计划 is aimed to help everyone: manufacturers, the environment, and consumers.

“Companies that manufacture plastics should have strategies to address the negative impacts. 关键是塑料的生产是负责任的. Our pollution abatement equipment helps minimize environmental impacts on the production side and combining this with energy-saving efforts can help our common mission to improve the quality of the environment. 船 & 海岸 believes that with new technology and preventive measures on the manufacturing side, bob登陆电脑版可以解决这些问题,并关注可持续发展,Oskouian总结道.

了解更多关于S&SE的 能源效率计划 对于塑料制造公司,请咨询bob登陆电脑版的网站 www.www.comopeinar.com.

关于船 & 海岸环境公司.

船 & 海岸环境公司. 是加州的长滩.基于woman-owned, certified business specializing in air pollution capture and control systems for industrial applications.  船 & 海岸 helps major manufacturers meet Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) abatement challenges by providing customized energy-efficient air pollution abatement systems for various industries, resulting in improved operational efficiency and tailored “green” solutions. 自2000年以来,船 & 海岸 has been prepared to handle and advise on the full spectrum of environmental needs with its complete array of engineering and manufacturing capabilities and multiple offices around the U.S.美国、加拿大、欧洲以及最近的中国. With over 100 specialized professionals spread throughout the world, the company is dedicated to designing tailored solutions for its energy clients.  欲了解更多信息,请访问 www.www.comopeinar.com

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